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These articles below are in The Open Line Newspaper and most of them will only be in the newspaper and not on the web pages. A very few of the articles will be in both places. Back printed issues $3.00.  The Open Line, PO Box 503, Otis Orchards, WA 99027

Aug 2014 printed is available for $3.00


This issue contains stories on:

Moving into 5th dimension

Scientist Research on Fire-retardant TDCIPP

Microwave Cooking

Our Wondrous Future

Tylenol increases ADHD

Plants deflect Negative Energy

Maitreya's Message

Grandmothers message

Mosquito Chikungunya

The Greatest Need of the Hour

Fukushima Harm



Sept 2014 printed is available for $3.00


This issue contains stories on:


432-440 Hz Music

Connecting the Dots

Mary Magdalena

Gut Microbes

Amazing Honey Bees

Your Love is Needed

Colloidal Silver

Fluoride & Consciousness

Calif. Water Collapse

Autism and shots

Dangerous Volcanoes

New Mexico Nuclear Accident



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